Ready to own a piece of Northeast Florida? Our local lenders can help find and finance lots of all sizes.

Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • Local Processing
  • Quick Decisions

Residential Lot Loans

  • Competitive rates for your perfect lot of land
  • Maximum amount of $200,000
  • 15 year fixed insterest rate with no prepayment pentaly or balloon payment.
  • Local, Northeast Florida decision-making and processing
  • Detailed, attentive service from start to finish

Construction Loans

  1. How much money can you borrow?
    • To get approval for your construction loan, you'll need to provide your building plans and specifications
    • An appriaser will determine the value of your future home, and based on that value, you can borrow up to 80%.
    • You must also invest at least 10% of the new home's value. This can be through a cash down payment or the value of the land you own, minus any existing debt on the land. 
    • The maximum loan amount is $517,000, consisting of a $417,000 1st mortgage and a $100,000 2nd mortgage. If your loan is smaller than $417,000, you'll only have the 1st mortgage.
  2. The Loan Process Steps
    • Your loan is initially set up at a loan closing.
    • During construction, you'll make monthly interest payments based on the amount of money used for construction.
    • The interest rate is linked to the prime interest rate, but it won't go below 6.5%.
    • The builder provides necessary documents like building permits and insurance before each construction payment. 
  3. Locking in the Permanent Interest Rate
    • You can lock in your permanent interest rate when your new home is 45 days away from receiving a certificate of occupancy.
  4. Finalizing the Loan
    • Once construction is complete, you'll need to provide documents such as the certificate of occupancy and homeowners insurance.
    • An elevation certificate might be needed to determine flood insurance requirements.
    • A final appraisal and a review of your financial situtation are also conducted. 
  5. Modification Closing
    • The final step is the modification closing, where your construction loan turns into a permanent mortgage with a new term and interest rate.
    • The typically happens when the builder receives their last payment for construction.