Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas

Published: March 04, 2019
Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas

Need ideas for home improvement that don’t cost a lot and don’t require the experience of a skilled craft lover? Try these!

  1. Candles. These inexpensive, scented or unscented accents can really change the ambiance of your home. Spend time choosing both colors and scents that lift your mood and invest in some pretty candle holders. Use precautions when burning candles anywhere in the house, especially if young children are around.
  2. Potpourri. The appealing scent and look of potpourri is always welcome in closets and in the bathroom, but get creative. The hallway, over the phone, in a small dish on the windowsill … anywhere that works for you.
  3. Tired of your furniture, but not ready to invest in a whole new living room set? Get a quick new look with slipcovers. Be sure to pick something that doesn’t clash with everything else in the room unless you want to repaint and change the pictures and other decor.
  4. Borders. Instead of papering an entire room, a border is an inexpensive way to pull a “look” together attractively. Traditionally placed on the top of the wall close to the ceiling, borders come in a variety of patterns and widths. Some designs can give your rooms a shorter appearance, so test before putting them up. You can also experiment with placing borders in the middle third of the wall to “divide” the wall. Consider painting the upper and lower halves of the wall different (but coordinating) colors or shades.
  5. Window treatments. These do not have to be expensive, custom-made curtains. Visit your local fabric store, find a fabric that will fit in with the rest of your decor, and ask the salesperson for advice on how to drape it and which hardware to use. Flat sheets give you lots of yardage at a low price, so consider them an option for window treatments, too.
  6. Lamps. Like candles, lamps can add to the charm of a room. Find them in department stores, chain stores or yard sales.
  7. Recycle old furniture. Anything goes, so take the picture from the bedroom and put it in the hallway. The wrought iron bench from the garden can look chic in your foyer … use your imagination!
  8. Flowers. Whether it’s a single rose in a stem vase or a colorful bouquet in a glass vase, silk flowers can look real and appealing. Watch for a sale in your local craft store and have fun creating a bouquet you can display for years.
  9. Clear the clutter. Too many knick-knacks can detract from a room and can mean a nightmare when it comes to spring cleaning. Get rid of what you don’t like or can do without and put away as much as possible. A small collection of one type of item is more attractive than an unorganized variety of “things.” Less really is more.