• 9 Steps to Buying Your First Car

    Published: April 17, 2019

    Congrats—you’re ready to purchase your first real car! The process can be daunting, but Coastline will walk you through it. Follow our guidelines for a stress-free ride!

  • Have You Budgeted for Retirement?

    Published: April 04, 2019

    There is a rule of thumb for retirees suggesting that retirement income has a target of 70-80% of the household’s end salary, though this can certainly vary. So, years before leaving work, sit down (perhaps with the financial professional you know and trust) and take a look at your household’s monthly expenses.

  • Dollar Stores: Are They Worth The Price?

    Published: March 25, 2019

    Dollar stores can be spending traps, but they can also be a great way to snag bargains. It’s all in how you plan. Read on to learn how to get the best deal at the dollar store.

  • 7 Signs You're Living Beyond Your Means And How To Fix Them

    Published: March 18, 2019

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  • Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas

    Published: March 04, 2019

    Need ideas for home improvement that don’t cost a lot and don’t require the experience of a skilled craft lover? Try these!