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Gain established savings and a member-oriented banking establishment all in one with free Regular Savings. Come rain or shine, always have a financial fall back — enjoy competitive dividends on all balances of $100 or more. 

And by simply opening an account and maintaining a $5 balance, you remain a member of Coastline Federal Credit Union — one with access to our full range of services, plus a voice in a community credit union that functions for you.

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  • No monthly service fee
  • Establishes membership with Coastline Federal Credit Union
  • Grants full access to our entire range of member-oriented services
  • Must maintain a $5 minimum balance to retain membership status
  • Safety net for rainy day funds
  • Free online banking
  • Free mobile banking
  • Free eStatements
  • $5 minimum deposit to open in-person
  • $25 minimum deposit to open online

Whatever you're saving for — whether it's for a wedding, vacation, or a shopping spree — customize your savings account according to your need. Save little by little throughout the year until you reach your savings goal.

Awesome Account, Right?